Tire Services

There may be many situations when your car tires may need repairs especially when you accidently hit something on the road resulting in tire concerns like turned on light of the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), a flat tire, punctured tire, valve leakage or anything that just doesn't feel quite right in your vehicle tire. Visit Wright Import Service Center LLC in Cumming,GA. One of our expert, ASE-certified technicians will scrutinize your vehicle and tell you if your car tires need any repair services.

You can worsen the condition of your tire if you keep riding on the damaged tire that can result in additional rim damage. So it is recommended to have your tires examined at the very first sign of any problem. The solution might be as simple as a patch or tire plug if the tire damage is addressed at initial stages. In other simple cases, a leaking tire valve may need to be replaced with a new one, or the TPMS sensor needs to be reset.

Wright Import Service Center LLC is always at your service. If your car tire is completely smashed on the way, we are there for you, just call us on (770) 888-0100 and we will tow your car to our auto repair shop and will repair or replace your car tire according to your tire needs. We not only deal in tire repair but also provide a wide range of automotive services from full auto repair to complete vehicle preventative maintenance services including oil change, brake service, AC repair, engine services and more.